Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gun Control Doesn't Work

The anti-self defense crowd is following Rahm Emanuel’s advice about not letting a crisis go to waste. They are using the blood of innocent children murdered in Connecticut as war paint to push their agenda. Their message is that guns are bad and should be banned. They believe that disarming the public makes them safe. Constitutional issues aside, this argument is demonstrably false and thoroughly immoral. Not a single life has been saved by gun-free zones. The Newton school was one such place. Its sole effect was to guarantee that no teacher or administrator could defend themselves or the children in their care. It is worth noting that mass murders have been prevented by citizens with firearms. Much to the dismay of gun banners, the courts and various legislative bodies have eased many firearm restrictions. Dire predictions of out-of-control violence in localities that eased restrictions on open and concealed carry regulations proved unfounded. Not only did violence not increase, it actually dropped where citizens are allowed to protect themselves. Compare this to the violent crime rates of communities, such as New York City and Chicago, which have draconian gun-control laws. Experience and academic studies alike affirm what common sense already makes obvious — gun control is counter-productive. This won’t stop the gun-control crowd from redoubling their efforts to make us all defenseless. These zealots can’t see the blood on their hands.

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