Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Name Callers

I've noticed that progressives have the juvenile tendency to make fun of names. Sen. John McCain became "McShame" or "McSame," the Republican Party "Repugnant Party," George Bush, "Chimpy Bullshitler" or celebrities such as Whoopie Goldberg comparing President Bush's name to her pubic hair.

This reminds me of an incident when I had just turned five.

My mother heard me making fun of a playmate's name. She took me aside and told me that since I was five years old, I was a big boy and big boys never made fun of people's names. Only babies did that.

I guess progressives' mothers never had that discussion with them.


c5mjohn said...

I agree with you. It is immature to make fun of peoples' names and wish progressives would stop doing it. I wish conservatives would stop making fun of Obama's name as well. Nobama, Obama Bin Laden, etc. Its juvenile when anybody does it, kind of like when you called Helen Thomas "The Crazy Aunt in the Attic" and the time you called Rosie O'Donnell a "Moonbat."

Anonymous said...

You know, after having read your screed on hotair where you claimed that "Progressives belief system is so fragile that it can’t stand anything that might call it into question." And you linked to your site, in an article about how progressives don't ever read conservative blogs (remember?).. Well, anyways friend, when you use a "your momma" joke about progressives, in order to say that they're name-callers, isn't necessarily pot and kettle, but is certainly not "nice" in the way that post makes you sound like you want -others- to be.