Monday, May 25, 2009

America -- A Tribute

Dutch musician Andre Rieu recorded this shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks. It seems especially appropriate this Memorial Day.

It is a moving tribute to the United States from a European.


Webmaster Sally said...

The first time I saw Lost Heroes, it made me cry. To think André Rieu, a Dutchman could show more love for America than the Fiberals ever will was beautiful and sad.
After ever concert in the USA, Andre will splash an American Flag in the background and play America the Beautiful.
Holland is the only country in Europe to have a national day celebrating their WWII Liberation and those who freed them. Dutch Liberation Day, May 5th!
(how come we only know of the other one?)
Are you going to any Andre Rieu concerts this season?
Please feel free to come to our site anytime..
Kind Regards, Sally

Monterey John said...

When I think of Europe, the Dutch are not the first that come to mind, unfortunately. The ungrateful SOBs just lock my jaws and I have turned my back on them as they have on us with this one stirring exception.

God bless the Dutch and God bless Andre' Rieu.

Thanks for sharing this, Kip.