Wednesday, December 10, 2008

UN: Man-Made Global Warming 'Proved Beyond A Doubt'

A United Nations conference currently underway in Poland states it is “proved beyond a doubt” that global warming is man made. However, more than 650 scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, say that’s not the case.

It seems the UN is borrowing the schoolyard technique adopted by Democrats and progressives to kill open debate by simply declaring that they won and walk away.

However, this is far from over.


Anonymous said...

Global warming is a farce created to lead people into believing they need to be saved from themselves. Those who push this view are in it for the power and the money, not any real concern for the non-existant problem.

Natalie said...

The scary part of this is that they have so many people actually believing this. The silencing of any opposition to global warming is truly "Orwellian".